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 You are getting the most premium reloadable cards along with cashback, reward points, and other offers provided to the customers which are available to most of the credit card users.

 You just need to be 18 years or more to be eligible to get the Rucards. You can even issue the Rucards to your children under your name as an add-on.

 You just need to sign up on the website, fill in the required personal details and you are ready to use the virtual card. For the physical card, you need to order it from the website or your mobile application.

You can have a single reloadable card but multiple gift cards can be issued

You need to login into your account on the website/application once you are done with KYC and then you can activate your card.

 You can set your transaction pin by logging in to the website/Application and make the changes.

Log into your Rucards account
Enter the amount you want to add and click on ‘Add Money'
You can choose to add money via Credit/Debit card, Net Banking or UPI
You will be redirected to a secure payment page where you need to provide payment details
Once you enter details on your bank’s page & complete the transaction, you will be redirected to Rucards website/App with money added to your Rucards

If you have completed your minimum KYC using an Officially Valid Document (OVD), you can transact and add up to Rs. 10,000 in a month
If you are a Full KYC customer you can add any amount as long as your balance does not exceed Rs.1,00,000 at any point in time

Minimum KYC: Provide your name and Unique identification number of any I'd.
Full KYC: For full KYC, You need to provide your Aadhar and PAN number to get it verified.

Click here to know the list of documents required (create a link on click here)

All the documents can be uploaded online. Once they are verified, then the service will be available to you.

For users with minimum KYC, the limit will be Rs. 10,000 per month. If you wish to increase this limit, you will have to go for full KYC which will give you a limit of Rs. 1,00,000 per month.

You can use it as a normal Debit/Credit Card to withdraw funds from ATM Machine.

It can be because of one of the many issues. Please contact customer support. You will get immediate assistance.

There will be a fee of Rs. 60 on ATM withdrawal.

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It can be because of one of the many issues. Please contact customer support. You will get immediate assistance.

It can be because of one of the many issues. Please contact customer support. You will get immediate assistance.

 You can log in to the application or Website and make then changes. If you click on the forgot Pin, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number and you can change the pin.

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