what you will do?

– set up and manage quality processes/activities such as calibrations, daily feedback, sampling, QA dashboards, etc.
– responsible for monitoring the end to end quality audit process
– lead improvement and sustainability of process quality
– assist operations in innovative methods to improve metrics
– analyze quantitative and qualitative data to enhance employee performance
– tackle problems in creative and logical ways and identify effective solutions
– use data/insights to optimize the overall user experience
– create effective working relationships with stakeholders by managing objectives and expectations and ensure data-driven product decisions
– monitor QA productivity and coach them to improve their skills and competencies
– work on identifying root causes for all issues/errors and mitigate by putting preventive actions in place

you should apply if you:

hold 3-4 years of experience leading quality assurance processes in a supervisory role
have experience in both voice and non-voice processes (email, SMS, chat)
have the ability to assess, analyze, resolve and represent complicated concise communication
are proficient with MS Office,

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just one last thing

we require your basic details to proceed with the application. this information helps us evaluate your application.

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