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We’re Customer Obsessed

We focus on the customer experience, make decisions that prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are truly customer obsessed go above and beyond to continually improve our products and services to better meet the needs of their customers. We recognize that the customer satisfaction is key to long-term success, increased revenue and improved brand reputation.

We’re biased towards urgency and action to ensure better payment experience

At Rucards we prioritize immediate action and urgency over long-term planning done quickly and efficiently. We strike a balance between action and analysis to recognize the importance of goals by gathering feedback weighing the potential risks. We take a thoughtful and strategic approach to achieving their goals, while still maintaining a sense of urgency and momentum at all times.

We are resilient and never give up

We set our goals and never give up in the face of challenges. We adapt changing circumstances and payment by maintaining a positive attitude. We recognize the market trends and adapt changes when it's necessary by involving new opportunities even in the face of challenges and setbacks.

We make big, bold bets

We are known for our innovative and forward-thinking in pursuing ambitious goals by investing in new technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing market. This involve conducting market research, gathering input from stakeholders, and engaging in careful planning and analysis. We take calculated risks for a long-term success, create significant value for customers by building great products in this challenging industry with great determination.

We’re constantly learning and growing

The world is competitive and ever evolving. Therefore, we seek out new knowledge, skills and embrace new challenges to explore the business opportunity. We prioritize new learning and recognize the importance of investing in the development of our team, both through formal training programs and continuous learning and development. We embrace a mindset of constant learning and growth, individuals and organizations can stay adaptable and resilient in the face of change, and continually improve their performance and outcomes.

We radically seek the truth

We act with courage and radically seek the truth with a deeper commitment challenging conventional methods of payment experience to achieve our wisdom. We say what is more innovative, secure and seamless for the company and our mission. We foster dedication, intellectual honesty, and an openness to continuous learning and growth. This portion to be edited with content just as FLOTCARD (https://floatcard.com/about-us/)

We simplify technology, transform the Prepaid card spending more secure and seamless.

  • Spending experience made simple.

    We build innovative financial solutions with user friendly software to empower the user experience. We simplify your business spending, improve financial discipline, and maximize the value of each money you spent.

  • Growth defined.

    We provide the right tools, technologies to the companies so that their efforts are focussed on growing their business. We are known for the best technology for wallet loading, Prepaid card generation, tracking expense reports, corporate management system.

  • Support system.

    We devote 24/7 in assisting our valued clients in making the spending experience more secure and simple. We’re working directly with finance leaders, managers, and explore new trends in the industry to make the solutions more innovative.

We are proud to be the Indian iconic startup company of the year and become the leading providers of the prepaid card solutions.

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